The Age of the Dinosaurs

Lyons-Cutler-herons-May-2016Our second visit to the Allowance Brook Great Blue Heron
and what a difference three months make. Dinosaurs live!


Allowance Brook

Lyons-Cutler-thumbnailAllowance Brook and marsh, bordering the north edge of the Lyons-Cutler Reservation, is the summer home for as many as 21 Great Blue Herons. But what happens off-season? Tune in and find out!

Nocturne: St. Anne’s Marsh and Meadow

nocturne-imageAfter hours, behind a gate or a signpost with the message,
“Open Dawn to Dusk,” lives a community of animals
with little regard for human-devised regulations.

Filmed in Lincoln, Massachusetts in the Sudbury River Valley, August and September 2015.  →→→→



Lincoln Wildlife: The Month in Review

whimbrel-FM-lincoln-underwingScudderia-FurcataTwelve-spotted-SkimmerLincoln’s popular wildlife column appears in The Lincoln Journal monthly. Our columnist sends out the call and we respond!

9/30/2014 —UPDATED! Expanded video now includes scenes from A Night at the Opera


Born to Follow

Roscoe-and-SusanFollowing the pheromonal trail?

The story of four local termites from an
upended colony, a sheet of black archival
art paper, and a Paper Mate brand pen.


Brood Parasitism






Fledgling 2.5 x size of parent?

High Altitude Turkey

turkey-way-up-in-treeturkey-in-tree1 February 2014

On a Saturday morning walkabout near DeNormandie’s big field searching for a great horned owl nest (which I did not find) I located this high perching turkey. A dog had chased a flock of 25 wild turkeys, splitting the flock, and one tom apparently took flight and perched out of immediate danger—a good 60 feet beyond the barking dog, straight up.

Nice beard!

(Click on pictures for enlarged versions.)

Garter Snake in January?

12 January, 2014

Garter-snake-close-Jan-12I found this snake on a snow patch behind Brownings Fields a day after a day that bumped the thermometer to 59 degrees in the afternoon. The snake was active but sluggish on this colder day and the muddy tail shows some damage. Certainly this fellow was victim to a hawk, owl, coyote, fox or fisher that unearthed and dropped or abandoned its quarry on this spot.